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teMan setiA awAnsikeCIL

.Every CHAPTER i create shows the COLOURS of my life.

tingTONGtingTONG !
okey lets start new post here . hee,

.jeng3.nebess nebess. mau nules ape neh :D haha
okey lah, starting about myself, im who i am and people do know me as Anna Aziz :)
now 9teen in coming 16 oct 2011, i am pure perak citizen . hehe. ate moh le kite cakap peghak yobb. aha
currently stay in somewhere in Ipoh and studying at PUO Ipoh in business management couse.
mylife is beautifull enough and sucks enough 'sometime' with everything im facing in this life, and here i want to describe that LIFE IS A CHALLENGE, actually, sape setuju gimme five ! hee.
.i have alots of people around me.
.family,friends,love. always comes first and i'll sacrifice everything for them except of our religion. of course not. Religion the first of the first. life for it and die for it. yes, of course. ;)
LIVE FOR OUR CREATOR and done everything with full of hearts sincerely.
it's all make me love everyone so much.
.i do make alots of friend and sometime i have to choose the best one to accompany me and guide me if i have done wrong. and i have meets so many good friends, bestfriends, and boyfriends. oups. haha. no la. i have meet one, Mohd Syakir B Abdul Rahman, and he's the one, and only one. insyaAllah.

ni diaaa Syakir a.k.a KET RAHMAN <3

may Allah bless us,

** tuk tuk tuk ! **
**yesss, sape tuu ? **
** ayah ni, siap cepat, ayah bwk tengok movie **
** omg! i will ayahh, tunggu kejappp **

bye kawan kawan, lots of love by, Anna. :)
Assalamualaikum, jazakillah.

2 ulasan:

jan berkata...

ko tgk movie ape ha?

Anna Aziz berkata...

kungfu panda. haha. tp ta jd doe, full. grr. nsb da tgk sblm neh :P