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teMan setiA awAnsikeCIL

it's just 'NO MATTER WHAT'

          if the hurts can make the one i love feeling better, i can still smile 
no matter what
if the hurts can replace his tears with mine, i still can sincere with everything 
no matter what
if the hurt is a sacrifice for my only one, i still can accept of everything 
no matter what
if the hurt is a retaliation, with a big heart, i pleased, 
no matter what
for every mistakes i've done, it's all my weakness and i'll change
but, no matter how hard i try
fighting is still the final way
and the end of chapter, we just hurt each other again and again
for this time, my tears can't stop falls and falls, don't you feel the same hurt like mine 
and you'll never felt the same
you're the best i ever had
but, myb.. im not the one good for you
take care, love.
i hope i can be the first and last that welcome you here and send you back
but Allah has HIS own plan
take care love, take  care.
myb this's last
the end of story, i pray for your happines <3

with big heart, loving you till the end of our story, Anna Aziz

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