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teMan setiA awAnsikeCIL

" Love is SACRIFICE "

the one who can understand you in your up or and your down
is the one who'll always there for you no matter wht will happen next
and never turn if you've find one
the one you have is the best for you
once you letting go you're the one who'll regrets of everything you have done
love is sacrifying, repeat : love is sacrifice. sincere : Anna Aziz

title for today is 'love is sacrifice' or 'cinta tu pengorbanan'
which is tk kira pengorbanan dari segi apa sekalipun..
cinta x semesti utk kekasih, mungkin jgk utk kwn or myb family of course.
wht is mean by sacrifice / pengorbanan ?

first , efford is a sacrifice.. bila kita sygkan someone or even something for sure kita akn try the best utk apa yg kita syg tu. it's not coz of ourself, means tht, you love something, you care, just for yourself, kesenangan you sendiri, nope nope.. it's not truely love, trust me. :) love is when you start to care someone for their happiness, to make sure tht they are in good condition. you come with them even in hell or high water. get it ? u can't see they are in hard situation and you prefer to help, help and help, and try to give everything they wish to have because you LOVE them. not just because of you NEED them, but because they are EVERYTHING to you :) but make sure you are everything to them too. =) and that's all what i've done and all this make me felt really satisfied of myself and of wht i've done to my love :') but sometime when there's someone do nt appriciate, i feel like my love is nothing :(. *sigh* i can't feel the truly love since my child till now except of by my daddy and mummy and some of friends :') thanks my loverss. i will wait till the end of my breath :) or mybe till the end of my tears, i am tired enough bt my life ask me for not giving up of waiting someone who can give me the true love as the way i did, thanks for the coming one (",) hehe. dats all. byebye. wsslm, 


hugged and kisses frm me, ANNA AZIZ !

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