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Friday Meet Besties

hey ! today i've met my besties from my primary school.
seriously i miss them damn much.
and finally today we met again
at Jaya Jusco KFC 
mana g en.. mana ade TS kat sini. The Store ade la. hahaha 
so here, i put in some moment for just about an hour there with them. :(
sweet ta ktorg ? aha :D
dari kiri Una, Ain and kanan sekali me ; Anna ! :)

after finish some reunion there, i go to Big Apple to get some forr my lovely brothers and sister :)
sedapp kan. rini adik adik anna sume puasa so this's totally for them all :)

2 ulasan:

Najah Khairul berkata...

sadiss sungguh rasenye tak dpt join td .
sorry sgt tau wehh :'((
lain kali planning lg ye ?

Anna Aziz berkata...

oke babe ;)