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Tips : 3Should

There was 3 should when you are in the hard situation :) 

First Should
Think Positive
You should think positive when something goes wrong towards you.
Think that there was so many people have been tested and they are facing harder then your's.
Think the reason why and find the way out and don't take it hard because it will make you feel it harder ^.^
anything you do take it easy well put some efford to find the solution then God will help you for the remain.

Second Should
Take Ablution ( for muslims )
Ambil Wudhu
ablution means Wudhu or Air sembahyang. Those muslims should know this or otherwise you should check you identity card for your religion confirmation. haha. kiddin. For your information wudhu  is one of the good way for us that can be use to have a calmness from any confusion of though or from any stress at work or else. For more information about virtues of wudhu/fadhilat wudhu go visit this link : 

Third Should
Solat is the greater solution & It was the best medicine for all diseases
including HEART diseases & LIFE diseases  (: 
so if you get problem you should pray.
not just when you got problem but all the day such as our religion instruction.
when you remember Allah in your easy time
Allah will never let you alone in your hard time

sekian. thanks reading :D

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