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It's My Responsibility

You know what , once you be my friend it will be my responsibility to advise , to care about your feeling , to control your behaviour and so on . You know why ? because friend means forever together and  forever tight the ukhwah untill jannah . That's why I said this is my responsibility but actualy not just mine it's our responsibility as a friend . Ya , when I hold a friendship I put a hope to make them change to a better person even better than me :') I know i'm not that good not such really warak or alim like that to change people but you know that the hope to see your friend to follow islam rules is really strong moreover now you're already know what they do are wrong and might be a defamation from other people perception ryte . erm . but I know sometime i'm not that strong to tell them that I LOVE THEM LILLAH - aku sayangkan kamu kerana Allah . I say and really mean it :') and also i'm not that strong to say what they did are wrong and was a sins :') Seriously i'm not that type which may choose people with good looking and just good attitude to be my friend . No No No . I do make a friendship with everyone no matter who are they what they did what they work for . serious . All the time I pray to be placed in jannah with all my muslims friends . Alhamdulillah Allah was there , He heard my prayers and I feel really greatfull to You Illahi Rabbi . Syukran for giving the light to guided their heart and also my heart :') 

Ya Rabb , I hope your will protect me in no matter situation it is .
Light my day Light my heart because I just want to stay here in Your way , Islam .
Gave me a good companion that can be brought towards goodness till we get jannah . Amin .

this sincerity is not here ( mouth ) but here ( heart )
Anna Aziz : AA

thanks reading ! wassalam :)

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