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tention ohh tention

em em .. kelmarin bersamaan 16hb Jun 2012 anna pegy studio for photoshoot solehah exclusive. New hijab design. Then today look on all the picture. Err.. asal muka cengkung .. asal cmni asal nampak kecik.. haha . yela berat turun drastik . -.-' tak caya boleh la compare dengan gambar sebelum ni. you know what ada someone said to me " org yang btl2 boleh jaga kau is someone yang boleh bg kau gemuk' HAHA. 
whatever it is enjoy these picture . :))

And this hijab down here is exclusive just for me. haha !
kalau interested boleh tempah but the price is differrent :))
this one size L

this is my mom, my everything, my life is nothing without her. love you so mucchhhh !
p/s i know her really pretty ;)

2 ulasan:

Nasuha berkata...

jgn tention2 ok. :)

Anna Aziz berkata...

baiklah insyaAllah hehe