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teMan setiA awAnsikeCIL

My breath.

no matter how hard a situation itself having this is more than enough to make me feel that i'm not alone. Allah with me all the time. when i asleep its okay if i dun have pillow because its sufficient enough if the Quran stay there on my chest i've to read before i sleep and make sure it stay there besides me. there it is. i feel safe. i feel calm. the frustration disappear Allahu Akbar. Allah is the All Mighty, The Most Merciful & Compassion. 

With modesty, I devoted myself to You, Allahu Rabbi.

2 ulasan:

aniqbukhary berkata...

Nice.. penuh makna.. teruskan dgn entry2 yg bemanfaat..

Anna Aziz berkata...

insyaAllah, i'll try my best. for islam.