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teMan setiA awAnsikeCIL

:') fake smile (': vs =) real smile (=

fake smile ,
when a girl give you a 'fake smile'
means, she's try to control her emotion truly hard

fake smile,
when a girl make a 'fake smile'
means, she's tryin to be strong in any situation

fake smile,
when your girl have a 'fake smile'
you already failed to give her happiness

fake smile,
when you realize your girl have a fake smile and you did'nt put any efford to make her 'real smile' come out, you are giving spaces to another guy to destroy the ' fake smile' and make the ' real smile ' for the time, regrets is give you nothing and efford does'nt meant anything yet ;)
the 'fake smile' must be destroyed by your own efford or you'll lost the 'real smile' for your whole life, gentlemen will put alots of efford not just empty talk and empty promises ;)

" i wish for a cute love to make me chill " will you ? :')

**thinking out of the box tonight**
this beautifull night truthly gimme a 'fake smile' ;)
end of 23JUNE2011, end of our story for today 11:59 AM
loving the 'real smile' annawebbit <3

2 ulasan:

MateBulat berkata...

sweet,,hurmm keep smile always..:D

Anna Aziz berkata...

thanks syg <3