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teMan setiA awAnsikeCIL

im the author :D

sometime we have to speakout and sometime we should have to write.
as a girl like me i would like to express my feeling in writing.
somehow i can be a good writer myb cause im the author. :D
however it is i do everything good for myself ^.^

yeah. i wanna be extraordinary. 
yeah. i wanna be a girl those men need.
yeah. i wanna be a good friends those people need.
yeah. sure i wanna be a good servant of Allah. 
 im me, Anna Aziz
mybe such a simple name like a simple person.
im not the pretiest women and i don't wish it ever.
i can't be super duper women who will come with at a long distance at realy short time.
but i'll be there to be the best part of your memories.
i'll going there if the time let me going to you.
i have my own kiddo attitude. 
being pampared to those close to me but at certain time i hav my own maturity.
em me. im easygoing. but at the time im not choose to be arrogant else.
at the time i have someone special i've off my im chat in my MukaBuku.
and i won't reply any inbox text from any guys. ya i did. am sorry. :')
anything just wall to wall so that no secret to be hide from anybody. 
i need to care the heart that imustunderstandmore.
people i love is the one i care the most more than i care of myself.
ilovepeeps more than they can did.
yaa. that's me.
ily Hearts.
 SINCERE : Anna Aziz

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