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teMan setiA awAnsikeCIL


‎. I really miss the moment where there I stand in front of the kaaba and crying remembered all the sins i've done and thanks to Allah still give me chance to alive to prove that I will be a good servant of Allah :') Syukran Allah for gave me the opportunity to step upon earth of anbia . I have been there for twice and all the momories still fresh in my mind. The view of the sanctuary and the smell itself of masjidil haram . SUBHANALLAH. It was the best moment I ever have Rabbi :')


Arabs in Mecca wear purdah to cover the face from dust and preserve dignity of the AJNABI views & this is me and actually this is really make sense if I said I felt comfortable wear like this at that time . Hope to go there over again . Rabb , to You is the return of everything :')

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