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Tips : Face The Situation When Being Tested

As a normal person ,
I'm one of you whom have been tested with much kinda thing which sometimes make me feel my feet is not touch the earth. There's too much risk in life either you do everything right it could be wrong also sometimes it just depend on the situation.  

When I feel upset I do remember Allah have said in Al-Quran which is the one whom being tested is the one whom been loved by Him . And this is what make me feel i'm a girl which is stronger than a boy if they have been tested like me. ( smile sincerely ) I still can smile because I put every single thing with A Trust with Allah s.w.t  and I do feel the calmness when i getting closer to Him.

To face the situation when being tested .

  • Think positively : there are so many ways to think either you wish to think about your problem positively or negatively. When you think postively you will find out positive way to solve your problem.

  • Don't blame others : when something happen don't blame other or points other people when something bad happen but think wisely why the problem happen it should be have a strong reason. Do remember those whom always fail is those whom always blame others :)

  • Control Your Emotions : this is really important . People who can control their emotion are those can think better no matter what situation it is or how hard the situation they face. This kind of people will think with their maturity. There totally different if thinking with maturity and professional or just according to your hot tempered and unstable emotions.

  • Put A Trust With Allah : Allah have said in Al-Quran " innallahamaassobirin " He willl be together with those face the test patiently and you should trust there nothing will be happen without a reason. Maybe now you have been tested because of your past sins.

  • Istighfar : as what I always and aways do my mouth will never says " astaghfirullahalazim " so that this simple word protect me , defend me from saying something bad and from being a servent of Allah whom not being thanksful to Him.

  • Solat : There's nothing else will make you feel the true calmness except of praying, praying and praying because the only one is know every single thing happen in your life is just Allah s.w.t (:

And i'm here as a strong girl stand front of you guys . 
Will never cry except when i sitting on the sajjadah :)
InsyaAllah " Every Great Women Stand Behind Every Great Men "
.. Hopefully one day ..

thanks for reading !

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