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Peynat & Amir Wedding

At 12.00 pm i am waiting for nabila ariff & fahimi zaidi to fetch me but there're some problem to be handle by fahimi so i've to fetch nabila at pasir putih so so soo at the boring moment before that sempat la capture memek muka annoying budget cute ni kejap. Hahaa .. bintang kecil 2013 coming soon. agehgehgeh.

oh yaaaa all the fellas mellass, today am going to my friend wedding at taman meru and sesat for a few hours seriously pity on me and nabila ariff. pheww. but alhamdulilah we arrived at the wedding place and met our beloved friend.


you're really pretty today mcm mcm mcm snowhite. ihiks.
anna doakan korang bahagia sampai syurga Allah inshaa Allah.
Be a good wife, a good daughter, good mom soon :p and a good servant of Allah.

okay here some random picture. enjoy yourself :)

the end, byebyee xoxo

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