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for android user instapicframe tidak asing lg digunakan utk meng'editing' gambar especialy combinekan gambar. oh men, kite suka kite suka. edit edit masuk kat instagram. you know guys, what a real value of every pictures, every snap will make you remember every important moments of yourlife. Indeed, when the time you miss it like hell, you could look into the pictures and feel it like so heaven to realize the value of every picture that have been taken. am i ryte ? ^.^

so i've take a lot of pictures with using this instapicframe before upload to instagram. so no need to upload so many pictures at so many times. just. combine and upload all together. so nice :D

This is for the first time, x reti lg bubuh border hew. btw, this hijab from my online boutique, 
chiffon 3 layer with awesome kerongsang there. auch. suke x suke x ? hehe

this one is the day kitorang dpt kad siswa, happy punye pasal dpn dewan pun jadi snapping haha
p/s : im wearing solehah chiffon hijab 3 layer pink soft color :))

a day with red pashmina and my lovely red shoes. tenene. the time to hangout.

okay, she's faten, find out her at atenasuha twitter, friendly and good girl as well as ehem, me. HAHA
im kiddin. nice day with her. tqsm sista.

this one is today picture. hee. try your own. this is awesome. byee. salaam <3 xoxo

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