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teMan setiA awAnsikeCIL


People PERCEPTION in human definition.

The story begin early this sunday morning when my outlet partner told me about some of people perception about me. me. me. ehh why me. miahaha~ the situation is when some of customer same polytechnic come to my outlet and shocked when they looked my picture was there wearing the solehah hijab with some of my friends.

PERSON A : the student
PERSON B : my fren which story me about this situation.


PERSON A : Ehh . ni anna ni dak poly nie kenapa ada gambar dy dekat sini .
PERSON B : Kamu kenal die ke ?
PERSON A : Ehh . kenal la kak die ni suka pakai baju pelik-pelik kat poly . BERANI GILE ( hahaokfine )
PERSON B : Lar yeke ( buat-buat xtau ) , dia pakai baju pelik mcm mana dekat poly ?
PERSON A : Yela pakai baju semua jenis labuh-labuh macam alim gila and pelik-pelik la tapi dia tu berani pakai-pelik pun tapi ramai betul peminat kak ( xle blarr haha )
PERSON B : Haa kamu tau pun, kamu ingat lelaki ni suka sangat ke perempuan sexy2. ( haha )
PERSON A : Err ..
PERSON B : Kamu tak tau ke ni kedai die ?
PERSON A : Ha ??

then akk tu cakap lepas tu muka dia macam ni  @#$%^&*()!!!!!! @..@' ( SORRY ) wahahahha

p/s : seriously i'm not that kind of yang kesah org nak judge me mcm mana about my dress or else.  Cez what, as long as i know myself well and my parent guided me well so no one else i trust for every single word that actually  mean nothing to me. HAha~ chillax.

Me wearing like this or like that or even labuh-labh such thing i know sometime i do wearing blouse with long skirt and shawl labuh yg suka hati main lilit semua not mean that i'm such kind of alim wearing the stoking everywhere but that's me babe. We have our different personality and that's what make you different with other. It's not a big deal as long u feel ohsem for urself. yeah ! like me. haha :D

You know what maria elena said PELIK TU HEBADDD <3 
But here wanna say PELIK TU SERIOUS COOL laa.

Serious thing is seriously wondering , pelik sgt ke pun. mcm TAK SANGAT je =.=' 
. Biasala uloss. over la uolls nie ^.^  hAhAa~ whatever thanks for coming do come again ya beli la baju labuh labuh mcm kite ni haa. Kan omey like abbit :P

thanks for reading, wsslm.

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